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october 31, 2019

The WorkLife Hub Podcast. “Making Motherhood Work: A Conversation with Caitlyn Collins” (38:39).

September 25, 2019

Georgia Public Radio, On Second Thought. “Sociologist, Author On ‘Making Motherhood Work’ For Highly Stressed American Moms” with Virginia Prescott (14:42).

September 23, 2019

The New Family Podcast. “Ep. 240: Making Parenthood More Sustainable” (31:51).

September 2, 2019

Al Jazeera, The Stream Live. “Can New Parents Have Both a Family and a Stable Career?” with Femi Oke and Malika Bilal (25:25).

June 28, 2019

New Books Network. “Making Motherhood Work” (46:18).

May 9, 2019

Scholars Strategy Network’s No Jargon Podcast. “Episode 174: Making Motherhood Work” (29:15).

March 26, 2019

Harvard Business Review’s HBR IdeaCast. “Why U.S. Working Moms Are So Stressed – And What To Do About It” with Alison Beard (26:36).

march 13, 2019

Sirius XM. “Parental Leave Policies” with Joe Madison (12:21).

february 19, 2019

On Point by WBUR for NPR. “‘Day Care For All’: How America Views Universal Pre-K” with Meghna Chakrabarti (48:24).

february 18, 2019

St. Louis Public Radio. “Wash U Sociologist’s New Book Explores How Women Navigate Work And Family In US, Elsewhere” with Don Marsh (22:28).

September 7, 2017

Hold That Thought Podcast. “Moms at Work: Policies and Perspectives in Europe and the United States.” Washington University in St. Louis (16:30).

October 8, 2015

BYU Radio’s Top of Mind. “Motherhood and Employment” with Julie Rose (18:13).

l o c a l   p r e s s

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Kare 11 TV News, Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 25, 2019. “Can Moms Really Have Work-Family Balance?” (2:35).

The Common Reader, Washington University, March 1, 2019. “To Save a Life.”

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Fox News 7’s Good Day Austin, Sep. 7, 2015. “Balancing Work and Family” (4:16).

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